If You Sell Products or Services to the Affluent-
Here’s What You Need To Know About Them
This is literally the difference between success & failure
if you want more wealthy clients


Hello-I’m Mark Satterfield, and for the past 30 years my team and I have focused on creating and implementing marketing programs specifically dedicated to those who do business with the wealthy.

Along the way, I’ve written 9 books, including my most recent, The Affluent Marketing Blueprint: Secrets of Confidently Selling To Billionaires & Millionaires.

Whether you already have affluent clients and want more, or if you’re just starting out and seeking to land your first “whale”, you’re going to enjoy this.

Let me tell you about what’s coming your way.

In video #1…

As we both know-the wealthy are a unique market with their own tribal customs, languages. fears and desires. If you want to do business with this highly lucrative niche market, you need to understand what these are.

The Rich Are Different From Those Who…Well Aren’t Rich.
What You Need To Know To Gain Trust & Credibility

  • Why now is the best time to focus on the affluent market.
  • ​What the findings from Rainer Zitelmann’s famous doctoral study on the wealthy taught us about selling to the affluent. It’s forever changed how the most successful businesses market to the affluent.
  • ​This is what you want to talk about that will immediately make an affluent prospect bond with you.
  • ​Do you have to be rich to sell to them? Absolutely not. Here’s why.
  • ​The rich seem snobby but it’s mostly a defensive act. What you need to do to immediately break down barriers.
  • ​It’s true. The rich do have insecurities, but they’re not the same as the middle class. Pay attention to these because they give clues for how to sell your services that hardly anyone else is doing.
  • ​How you can use the power of “curiosity” to get accepted by the wealthy. This is a little known tactic that works great.
  • ​Don’t think you have anything is common with the wealthy? In fact you do-no matter your background, education or experience.
  • ​This is the one key to making the wealthy engage with you. It’s a conversational tool that anyone can master.
  • ​What are the common traits of the wealthy? Knowing this will enable you to tailor you website, sales letters and personal presentations for maximum success.
  • ​How to create your “origin story” and why this can be what makes the rich decide to do business with you.
  • ​The ultra-affluent put a far greater emphasis on this than the middle class. It’s a below the radar marketing tool that you’ll want to use.
  • ​This creative approach focused on one of the biggest issues of concerns to affluent parents. Easy to model for your business.
  • ​We tend to think that the rich make decisions after weighing the pros and cons in a highly analytical manner. The reality is that they make decisions based on “gut” much more than the middle class. This impacts your marketing message in two very important ways.
  • ​How to break through the noise of marketing & sales pitches that bombard the affluent. Leverage this is a very effective way to get attention.
  • ​A headline template that enabled this financial advisor to double her response from what she had achieved in the past.
  • ​This message is what wealthy self-made entrepreneurs respond to the best.
  • ​What the wealthy would prefer you not know about them.
“All of our most successful marketing efforts are based on these insights. Practical and valuable.” John St. Clare - Wealth Manager
This first video provides you with the foundation so that your marketing copy, your sales presentations, your website and any advertising you do, resonates with the uniqueness of the affluent market.
Video #2…

Unbreakable Networking: Everything You Need To Know About Establishing & Growing Your Affluent Base of Contacts

Your network is the proverbial low hanging fruit of you affluent marketing campaigns. Here’s just some of what is covered:
  • Compiling your list of connections. This exercise will prove you have more contacts than you think you do.
  • What the wealth managers at this large financial institution did to expanse their network. Worked like a charm.
  • ​This technique got me connected with the authors of the Wolf of Wall Street, Crazy Rich Asians and many others who I never thought would be a part of my network. Amazingly effective and something anyone can do.
  • ​Which social media platform is the best for networking? You can probably guess-but odds are that you’re using it in the least effective way.
  • ​Here are 5 questions that will expand your network today
  • Why segmenting your network provides better results. What does that mean & how to do it so that you don’t waste time with contacts that will never convert into clients.
  • The wealthy need this before they’ll do business with you. Understanding this is the key to building productive and profitable relationships.
  • ​My “Fall on the Sword” technique for getting back in touch with people who have fallen off your radar screen. 
  • ​Here’s a Back-Door technique that will enable you to add wealthy prospects to your network that is 100% flattering to them.
  • ​What exactly to say to get a casual network contact to become an A-Level Connection.
  • ​How to make your network feel important by doing this. You’ll have them eating out of your hand and willing to do pretty much anything you want.
  • ​What’s in it for them? How to make referring you to others something that they want to do.
  • ​Why the rule of 3 is so important for building your network
  • ​The fallacy of social media for building your network. Try this instead.
  • Networking with the trusted advisors to the wealthy. Expanding your reach beyond the obvious suspects.
  • ​If it’s been a long time since you last connected with a great contact-here’s an easy excuse to reestablish the relationship.
  • ​The absolutely worse mistake you can make when building your affluent network.
  • ​Here’s the script for getting your network to refer others to you. It uses the power of scarcity and is amazingly effective.
Your network is the foundation for getting clients from referrals and word-of-mouth. Don’t leave it to chance.
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